Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wind storm in Broomfield

We had a giant wind storm in Broomfield the past 2 nights... the first night it did some damage to our roof, but last night was even WORSE! I think the gusts were supposed to get up to 80mph.

This is what it did to our fence:

Another section of it:
Looks like it even came inside!
Ok, so maybe that wasn't the wind...

Monday, December 29, 2008

Lobster fest and Christmas in Broomfield

The live lobsters arrived in a box. I was curious how this worked.

They put the lobsters in with wet newspapers and some ice packs. No real water. It was very interesting. They all survived the journey!

Thanks, Grandma - that was a fun idea!
Polish apple cake

Cracker thing for the lobster

Grandpa and Ania

Grandma got Alina and Ania some cute Christmas outfits
Ania's hat says 'One size fits all'. I don't think it fit Ania very well.

While most of the lobsters were cooked in the fryer outside

One lucky lobster got to be cooked inside!

The guys in the lobster bibs

So excited for lobster!
The final result!

Yummy!Christmas morning

A crockpot recipe book
A Sirius radio
A Sirius radio as well
Garlic pills! Is there anything more exciting than that?

Oh, maybe Elmo is better... thanks Uncle Josh!

Little Christmas baby... how cute is she!?
Cousin Olivia was in town and came to visit the other night - it was fun to take turns in the car!

Pre-Christmas fun

Alina found a new favorite spot. Now you see her...
Now you don't.

I was hanging out with Ania in the TV room when I started hearing "chhhhh, chhhhhh, chhhhh..." coming from the other room. I thought "I wonder what that is". I had been packing up the kitchen and had thrown out some expired food from our cabinets. One of those things was a box of brown rice. Alina found that box and thought it was really fun to pour it all over the carpet!!
I wonder what's in that drawer... Nemo!?
Ania in the cute hooded bag Aunt Libby gave her. Everyone says she looks like a little teddy bear when I put her in that. It's been very cold out, so we've gotten lots of good use out of it!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008, Everybody!!!

Derek and Mary Kay hosted a great party...Here are some highlights.

Yesterday we built snowmen. Well, actually a snow-woman, snowman and snowgirl. They were silly.

This is the tree before the madness.

Guess who has been up for over an hour waiting patiently and guess who just woke up.

Mary Kay's new socks hand knit by the author of this post.

Ready for a great prime rib lunch.

My lovely cakeplate being used as a pie plate for a lovely cherry pie. Isn't it lovely? Don't you want one?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Few More Thanksgiving Pics..........

A few more shots from Thanksgiving.....

Alina's "Di Di Di", which means "chase me and tickle me".