Monday, May 30, 2011

Pfun times at Disney World!

Watching a performance...
Waiting for the bus
Walking at the hotel
Riding the bus back to the hotel
Pooh and Eyore were a little too scary for V
Pooh didn't scare Katie
The princesses didn't scare anyone.
Ready for the pool
Downtown Disney
Minnie wasn't scary either
Waterfall by pool
Cooling off in the pool
Dessert at the princess lunch.
Playing "Fly" with Uncle Josh
It's hot....
Lunch with the princesses. What could be more pfun????
Discussing world events.....
We all had a WONDERFUL week!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


I finally got a flip video phone, so it's easier to post videos!

Alina's preschool 'continuation ceremony' was yesterday. They performed 2 songs for us, they were both very cute. Here is one of them.

Here is Ania performing a song at the kitchen table. Probably not the safest performance stage, but it made me laugh.

Here is the other song from Alina's preschool ceremony.

When I showed her this video today, when the hat part came on she said "Mommy, I need help." and I said "yeah, you were having a hard time getting the hat on, weren't you?" And she said "Yes. Mommy, next time can you please help me when I need help?" :(

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Katie's 8th Birthday

Katie had a bowling party. Katie, what did you think of it?

Katie, can you and a couple of your friends strike a pose?

The cake.

And the singing.

And the games.

It's almost like you were there.

Vittoria the Builder

Building towers taller than she is.

I'm tired

I think I'll take a nap.

But I don't want to lose my thought. I'll just hold the marker and start right where I left off.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Conversations with Vittoria


Conversations with Mary

For my next birthday I'm going to be six and a half.

Conversations with Mary

I learned my lesson last time. Don't look another way when you're pouring syrup.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Conversations with Vittoria

After we tucked her in - "Can I close my door so you don't see me play with my dollhouse?"

Sunday, May 01, 2011

April Travels

Before going to see Libby, we went to Brownwood, TX, to warm up a bit. We had a Really fun time with the Moores.
Our first morning in DC, Libby had signed us up for a photography class, where we walked along the Washington City Canal, which goes beside the Potomac River... We saw the turtles sunning on a log.
We were there after the peak of the blossoms, but there were LOTS still in bloom. They were beautiful!
We went to eat at Pasta Mia's. They don't take reservations, and they only have a few tables. You have to line up about 45 minutes before it opens if you want to get a table, BUT it's totally worth it! The owner makes each order individually! He was really fun.

Dad and Libby were trying to do some things on Dad's Blackberry while we waited.....
Libby's house (the ivory one)..... FINALLY she owns it!

Front of the FBI place at Quantio.
Achilles and Houdini are still lots of fun.

We took a walk along the Mall during the evening....
Tapas at one of the local places.....

Before we started our day, we went out for breakfast. Dad got a Belgium waffle, which was about 1/4 as big as he thought it should be! He was pretty saaaaad.

We took the subway a lot.....
A couple of tourists at the Arboretum...
At one of the trails in the Arboretum, you can see the capitol and the Washington monument.
We went to a Chinese restaurant for Pejing Duck.... YUM!!!
A really PFUN time!!!!!