Monday, November 15, 2010

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Conversation with Alina

Me: Did you see the baby sheep?
Alina: Those aren't baby sheep, Mommy, those are sweeties.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Hi Aunt Rhoda

Mom taped a video greeting from the girls for Aunt Rhoda while she was here. I don't think the fact that she bribed them with fudgecicles diminishes the sentiment in any way.

A Contrast at Disney

Vittoria's reaction to Tigger

versus Katie's and Mary's

Vittoria the Singer

Vittoria likes to sing. Here are some of her favorites that she sang while driving to and from Katie's recent soccer tournament.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Conversations with Mary

Vittoria, water does not speak English. Water speaks water language - sign language.

Halloween and new skirts

Alina wanted to be a necklace for Halloween. She said she would also wear a crown and be a princess. I failed miserably at the necklace portion (I even forgot to get one for her to wear with her costume!) Here she is at home, where we practiced putting on the costumes a few weeks ago. She was brave enough to wear the crown when we were at home.
Here is Ania the first time I put on her costume. She hated it!
She grew to like it after a few minutes.

Alina wanted some "dancing skirts", so Grandma was awesome enough to make some for both of the girls. They love them!

Here they are with their skirts on and some masks they made at Miss Jen's house.

We made a gingerbread Halloween house. That was fun. Ania liked the black frosting.

Alina also liked it, but gets much less messy while eating.

Here is Alina helping Grandma finish Ania's last skirt. They each have 3 beautiful dancing skirts now! Alina wears them every day. I had a parent teacher conference with her preschool last week, and when I told Alina I saw her teacher, the first thing she asked was "But did you tell her I got a new skirt??"
Here Alina is helping Tata rake the yard.

Here we are getting ready to go trick or treating! Alina chose a different dress for the actual Halloween event. She was not brave enough to wear the crown OR the shoes, but at least we talked her into wearing the dress. She did try to tell us right before we went trick or treating that she didn't want to be a princess anymore, she wanted to be Alina.

There was a parade in Little Ryan's neighborhood, so here we are getting ready for the parade.

Trick or treating. Ania loved that.
She got tired, though, so I got to carry her quite a bit. :)