Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fishing the Big Horn

Dad won a few nights at a cabin and took me, Josh and Jay fishing on the Big Horn River in Montana.

This is the kind of boat we used to drift down the river.

We all caught quite a few fish.

Jay and I caught two at once.

Jay caught two at once by himself.

This is where we stayed.

Thanks, Dad!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ania's Room in Progress

I've been working on Ania's room this weekend. Turns out that it takes a LOT of time.... a work in progress.....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

First Day of School

School has started.

The savvy veteran.

The Rookie.

This is Mary's current preferred hair style - headband with a portion of the hair intentionally pulled forward. She likes to suck on it.

Just because.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Ania got a big girl bed! And cousins came to visit

Ania got a big girl bed! Here she is waking up from her first nap in her new bed. :)

We have gotten her a Dora blanket and curtains since this picture...

This spider was in our front yard this weekend. Anyone know what it is?

Gosia and Peter were in town and brought the cousins over for a visit! Here are Alina and Olivia...
They brought Alina and Ania a super cool purple princess jeep!! Alina was petrified of it, so she is not in the group photo.

Ania and Olivia cruising
By this point, Alina wanted to ride but not while anyone was watching.

Gosia and Ela

Ania in her fancy shoes

When everyone left (including the neighbors... here she is waiting for them to leave their house so she could drive)... Alina finally worked up the courage to get in the car and drive!
Love this one

Now she didn't want to get out!

Here is her reaction when we told her it's time to go inside so we could get ready for bed. I haven't seen her throw a fit like this - EVER. It was neat.

Photography class with John Fielder

Mom and I took a photography class with John Fielder, it was really fun! Below are some of the pictures I took. This post is really long, but there are some pretty cool pictures (in my non-professional opinion). They are in reverse order because I didn't feel like changing all of them.

This is John's house.

When shooting at the sun, you're supposed to try to get a star. This is about the closest I got. I think.

The guy on the right fell off his bike the day before. He broke 6 ribs and his clavicle in 2 places. He was so excited about this class, though, that as soon as the hospital discharged him, he came straight to the class! That's dedication!

That's John Fielder (on the left).