Monday, July 20, 2009

Big hail storm!!

Look what just happened to our house! We had a huge hail storm... we turned on the news and there was a tornado warning, I don't think one actually touched down but it was extremely loud and hailing like crazy for about 5 minutes. Scary! Check out helicopter pictures from

Front yard and cul-de-sac

Back yard

Check it out - Kuba's bowl is in there somewhere. The bowl is probably 5 inches high.

They say it was golf ball sized some places... ours was a little smaller than that, but still the biggest I've ever seen!
I guess we will see tomorrow what damage was done... hopefully not too much! We already found one roof leak in our garage... :(

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Katie the Photographer, Deep Creek Lake

Mary may have taken these pictures.

Katie the Photographer, Cedar Point

Aunt Rhoda took Katie and Mary to Cedar Point before she left Michigan. Katie took some pictures.

Katie Learns to Waterski

Here are most of her instructions.

She started holding onto a pole off the side of the boat. Knees bent, arms straight, chin up.

Plus, she tubed no-handed. Several times.

Deep Creek Lake, 2009

We had a great time at Deep Creek Lake.
Both older girls tried jet skiing. Once.

Katie LOVED being in the water.

I have red hair and blue eyes and you don't.

The weather wasn't the best - in the 60s and rainy most days. We spent a lot of time at Funland. Vittoria loved the Jeep ride.

Mary doing a Casey Tweedel impersonation.

Katie was very proud that she was brave enough to let Wisp sit on her lap.

Explain what Mary is doing with her hand.

Mary loved to sit on Enzo while watching movies. Katie did too, but less so.

Because so many people were there, we got a hotel room. It worked out pretty well, as they had a pool.
Mary was brave, swimming by herself with arm floaties.

The two older girls loved swimming with Uncle Paul.

Vittoria was all done as soon as she got in the floatie.

Last Dinner in Michigan

Before we went to Deep Creek, we had one last dinner with Rhoda and Vittoria before they both left.

Mary was riveted by the company.