Tuesday, January 18, 2011


We've gotten 26" of snow during the last couple of days.... That's at the top of the mountain, but
we've gotten a significant amount here as well! It really is beautiful.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Molli and Girls up for Weekend....

Molli and the girls came up for the weekend, and we had LOTS of
PFUN! Grandpa and Alina made
a cake for Jay, even though it has
"Alina" and "Ania" on it....

We rode the gondola to the top (Who knew it's FREE?!?!), and we had lunch up there. The ride was more exciting than lunch!
Watching the Wiggles.....
Alina took a picture of the Wiggles.....
Princesses of the Snow Mountain
Chillin' in the tub

New Years In MI

New Year's Eve Pflum Pfamily Style.....
games with the girls...

Derek with his fishing pliers....

Duckie got a Santa suit!

Aunt Molli really scores..... V is for Vittoria,

a locking box,
and a book about Mary....

Happy New Year! Happy 9:30!

Christmas- FUN Time

Christmas Party at the Noga's

Molli and Jay hosted a WONDERFUL Christmas party. Santa came! Who would have known
that he'd have time to come? It was WONDERFUL! Scary, though!


Stephanie and Libby both joined us for
Thanksgiving. We had such a fun time,
and Jay and Josh did their now customary
WONDERFUL job on the turkey and
It was GREAT!!

Alina and Ania In Breck for the weekend

Fall in MI

Cat Woman!!
Getting ready for Halloween.
The leaves were beautiful, and Vittoria liked sitting in them.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mary Skates

And critically evaluates her progress.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Big hair cut!

Alina wanted hair like Ania and her friend, Madison. I almost vetoed her decision, but realized it is her hair after all, and it will grow back. It looks pretty cute! :)

Ania got a hair cut as well, but hers isn't as drastic. You can see the result of her fall from the couch to the corner of the coffee table. Ouch!


Guess which member of my family refuses to eat chicken that left the grocery store with the bones still in it (even if it is served without the bones in it). The chicken can't even touch anything else that will be served with that meal, or they won't eat that either:

a) My 2 year old daughter
b) My 3 year old daughter
c) My 33 (almost 34) year old husband

I should clarify that it's ok if the chicken is whole and still has the bones. Just not if it's in parts.

(PS Please don't tell this person that all chickens start out with bones, or we might never get to eat chicken ever again)

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Popping Cheeks

Uncle Stud showed Vittoria the phenomenon of popping cheeks. She was very impressed. She has practiced extensively, which shows in the video.

Vittoria's new room

The last day Mom, Dad and Josh were here, we bought Vittoria new bedroom furniture. I'm pretty sure they had secretly hoped that their last night would be spent moving. They got their wish.

Thanks for your help.

Wishbone breaking, 2010

Possibly the best one ever.

Mary still thinks she won.