Thursday, April 18, 2013

More Pictures

Hike through a preserve in Hobart, Tazmania
                                                               Milford Sound

                                          Dunedin, New Zealand...... train trip into the interior


Cruise Pictures

Our cruise was PFABULOUS!!!!!

Manly Beach in Sydney

                                      Sydney Harbor....  Cruise ship on left and Opera House on right

                                            Koalas at Sydney zoo


Monday, April 15, 2013

Baby girl #3

Baby #3 in 3D!

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

A few more

My camera put all the long-ways ones at the end, so I thought I would add a few more from the first few days...
There's a new attraction where the kids get to pretend they are surprising Belle, and each of them get to be a different character. Alina was a horse, and Ania was the feather duster. I have more pics on my phone, but this was at the end.

 Sea World ride - Journey to Atlantis (or something like that). I could not ride but got some good pics! I will put the original first, and then zoom in so you can see their faces. :)

The $12.36 dippin dots that they ate about 5 bites of! :)

 They had a huge fun climbing/play thing for the kids, they liked that a lot too. Alina had me follow them up to take some pictures.

She would run to the top, then roll down.

Disney World/ Sea World... part 1

I tried to only include the good ones, but there are a LOT! So I will do more later, I think this is only 2 1/2 days worth! I could ride almost nothing... but at least I could take pictures!
Alina and Jay on Buzz LightYear

Jay and the girls on the race car

Since adults weren't allowed in the Alice in Wonderland Tea Party... this is the only shot I got of it. This is before they went in.

I can't remember what she was mad about, but it was something really silly! I had to get pictures because she was REALLY MAD!

This was the first day at Sea World, at the underwater viewing of the dolphins.

Dolphin show

This was a pirate show at Sea World, it was pretty pfun.

These are oyster divers. They have trained themselves to hold their breath for a really long time... some of them can stay under for up to 5 minutes!

Shamu show!

At the end they finish with all of them just splashing as big as they can... we started in the splash zone but quickly moved up! :)

Sea World had the best rides just for kids... a whole section of rides the girls could go on without us, including this Shamu rollercoaster! You can see them on the far left, it was hard to get a good shot.

This was actually our 2nd day at Sea World (we decided to go here again instead of Hollywood Studios). We got to feed the dolphins, that was awesome!

They took the flamingos for a walk on the sidewalk past us, that was neat.

I have quite a few more... but that will be it for now.