Friday, August 31, 2007

Video of eating and drinking

Drinking from a big girl cup!

Eating rice cereal for the first time!

Reading, a new tooth, drinking out of a cup, and eating!

Here we are reading Alina's favorite book - Elmo is SO big!

And here is Alina on her first morning with a tooth! I couldn't get her to smile to show it off, but it's there. Just imagine.

Here I am trying to take a picture of it. Didn't really work, but it's on her lower left side.

She likes to drink out of Mommy's cup. Since I just found out I have pneumonia, and not just a cold that I got from Alina, I now have to switch cups so that she has her own. She still likes it.

Here she is eating rice cereal for the first time!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Pfun in the Backyard

At PflumPfest

With Grandma.

And video

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Here are pictures of Alina and Olivia's baptisms.

Alina's Godfather (Jay's cousin), Lucasz.

Alina's new Godmother
Can you tell who our daddies are?
The 2 newly baptized cousins...
And here I am in my new big girl bathtub.

I've come a long way...

Check me out...

2 weeks

5 months

Sitting (8/24/07)

Almost 5 months old

Here are some pictures of Alina being almost 5 months old.

Helping Mommy do laundry is one of Alina's favorite things.

Here I am on my 5 month old birthday

I love Kuba

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Doe, A Deer, This Time without the Child Porn Overtones

Mary finally decided to sing Do Re Me again for the camera. She got most of it.

Home Invasion

We had an enormous flying ant hatch tonight. It was pretty much only our yard, and only the front yard.

What would have been great is if you could have seen all the ants flying around in this picture. Trust me when I tell you they were there.

Here is a picture of what our lawn pretty much looked like. I was afraid.

See, I wasn't kidding. Here's another example.

Why you got to hate?

Why the blog hating, Mom? The contest has been going on for 13 days and not one post. Not even the usual timely comments on the post. What a disappointment. BLOG HATER!

Oh, the Shame

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

At least Rhoda can hold her head high. Speaking of high, that is where Boulder still rates (only number 15 though; registration required).

Monday, August 20, 2007

It's Out

The book. Buy a copy. Buy more than one copy. It's great.


Two of the three authors (Chris is already gainfully employed in Groton). My hair looks real good.

We dedicated the book to our lovely wives, pictured here.

Jack is a prolific author. Pictured here with only a few of the books he's written.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

More Pics from Deep Creek Lake, 3

Last one, me waterskiing outside the wake.

More Pics from Deep Creek Lake, 2

Beating up Uncle Franco.

At Swallow Falls.

Feeding the ducks, a favorite passtime.

We may be camping, but we're still princesses.

More Pics from Deep Creek Lake

Courtesy Enzo

At the beach.

Almost got Mary to look.

At least I didn't burn down the house.

I think I'm gonna hurl. But look at those abs.

The whole group.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Northville Summer Carnival

Mary Kay is in Boston this weekend so Derek and I took the girls to the Northville Summer Carnival. It was ROCKIN'!!! A hot dog the size of my pinkie was a bargain at $3.

We got cotton candy.

Enjoyed by everyone, some more than others.

That is Katie and Derek on the Himalaya, Katie's biggest ride yet, I think. One person came of the ride laughing. The other did not. To her credit, she did go on another big ride, Catch the Wave, and really liked it.