Tuesday, May 28, 2013

MRP, '13

 This is my favorite picture! Everybody cheering me on!

I carried a green umbrella so everyone would know where I was. It was successful. My friends called their families and said, "I'm next to the girl with the green umbrella."

Here I am with Julie at Schoellkopf Field for commencement. It was a bit of a let down for me. People told me the crowd cheered for a whole hour while all the graduates walked in. That did not happen. We didn't even throw our caps. But I got the awesome photo at the start of this post, so it was worth it.

Kristi making her SECOND appearance on the blog; Thomas, his first.
Here is the view from the lake house we rented. It was wonderful.

And then at the bottom of the scariest driveway ever and top of 100 stairs to get down to our cottage.

 We took a hike to Taughannock Falls State Park that was really nice.

A shameless (yet successful) attempt to make it on the blog.

Poppin' the bubbly!

There were a few people at the party I didn't know. One girl asked me, "Were you a Peace Corps volunteer in West Africa?"

"Yes," I said. "Burkina Faso."

"I like your dress," she said. She had served in Senegal.

She eventually fell in and Grandpa had to jump in and save her.

Derek took the girls canoing on our last morning. Katie went first.

Mary waited very patiently.

We all got worried because Derek and Katie were gone for so long. Turns out they had found a waterfall! Here they are coming back in.

Finally it was Mary's turn!

I wonder who did most of the paddling.

It was a super pfun weekend.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Wish you were here!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tree Planting in the US

Tree planting in the U.S. is a lot different than planting trees in the B.F.! First, they have electric tools to make the holes. There are flags to space all of the trees. We planted them for a test plot. They are testing different ways of protecting trees from deer. We planted Maple, Oak and Locust A pfancy tent. But they still planted the seedlings at about the same age. And it was super pfun.