Monday, December 21, 2009

Mary does karate in heels.

Mary does karate in heels.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Zingerman's Rolls

Rhoda recently sent out the recipe for Zingerman's cinnamon rolls. I made them for the day after Thanksgiving. They are as good as we would expect from Zingerman's. Not too hard either. But the 2 hour proof in the morning could be a drag.

Vittoria Does what Katie Says

Thanksgiving 2009 in Michigan

We finally got a turkey sufficiently large as not to be embarrassing - 36 pounds. It cooked in about 7 hours, so we ate by noon (thanks to Vittoria getting up at her normal time (early for the rest of us) to start the bird). We had a few leftovers. Unfortunately, I was not very good at getting the cheesecloth off the bird. I will have to practice. I need a haircut.

Brownie Parade

Katie walked with the Brownies for our Thanksgiving parade. The local brownie troops represented different nations; Katie's represented Jamaica. With much authenticity.

Mary did not like the paparazzi.