Monday, April 23, 2012

Look what fits Ania!

We were cleaning out Alina's closet and found the bunny PJs Aunt Libby made for Alina when she was a baby! :) Ania was SO excited, and Alina was SO sad there wasn't one for her to wear. When I was reading them a book last night, Ania kept saying (over and over) "I'm sooo so cute." ... "I'm sooo so cute." Ha :)

We also rediscovered the blankets I knitted for them.

The girls made fun bunny masks at Kerry's house the week before Easter. They were pretty cute!

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Alina turns 5!!

I can hardly believe my little Alina is 5 years old!! I found an awesome cupcake book, and Alina requested 2 different types this year. Frogs and pigs in a blanket. I thought they were so darn cute I decided I would make both - the frogs for her day care celebration... (thanks to Mom for helping with these!!)

And pigs in a blanket for her weekend party (thanks to my coworkers for helping with these!):

We thought the kid who ended up with the tail end cupcake might be offended, but it turns out I don't think she even noticed!

Soccer started last weekend... Ania is playing this year as well. She looked pretty stinking cute in her new soccer uniform!

As soon as it started, though, she INSISTED that she get that ugly shirt off, because she wanted her dress back on. So she played in her dress. Luckily it was a t-shirt-ish sort of dress.
Action shot of Alina and Ania. Alina enjoyed playing MUCH better with the under 4 age group, so we just let her go with it... there were tons of kids and they didn't ask names (or ages). And come on... that girl with the pink shorts isn't under 4 either. :)
Immediately after that action shot, Ania fell down. Here she is walking over to show me just how much it hurt. :(

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Conversations with Vittoria

Grapefruit is my favorite stuffed animal.