Monday, May 29, 2006

Other Images from Richmond

Michelle and Paul's Wedding

The happy couple heading to the altar

Katie as the flower girl

Luckily there was a little time to find a lost stitch before the ceremony started.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Katie Turns 3

I think in this picture, she is actually 2 years and 364 days, but I thought it was real cute.

This is the most time Katie spent in the car. She drove it after the party for about 30 seconds and was scared of it. Hasn't been in it since. Mary liked it more than she did!! Derek has said we can throw it away. LOL

Yes, those are red hots on the cake. Molli, did you learn about that in your cake decorating class?

My Little Pony was the theme, after Chuck E. Cheese. She also had a couple on the red hot cake and the chocolate cake. They were ice cream, like last year.

If you look closely, I think you can see the snot on Mary's face.

Finally, the delicious pizza. That's "Grab-i-elle" next to Mary.