Tuesday, July 24, 2007

U Like?

I cut about 11 inches.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

More CO Pictures 2

Uncle Stud reading a bed time story.

The cousins.

The only picture of Mary and Alina where Alina is not crying.

More pfun than Water World.

At Rodizio's

Mary found an interesting way to use the tongs at Rodizio's.

Happy Birthday Josh and Derek

Josh and I could think of nothing finer than to go to Casa Bonita to celebrate our birthdays, and hopefully be serenaded by a mariachi band. Fortunately, both of us got our wish.

We Went to Canada

Now that I've got a fancy camera I can post all the time! :)

I am working with a girl from Verona, Italy and we do conversation exchange. One day we speak in Italian and the next time we speak in English. It's pretty fun. Her parents are in town and we went to Canada for dinner. We also stopped by the Casino.

Guess if I was their favorite customer snapping pictures.

Detroit looks nice...From a distance.

More CO Pictures

All tired out.

Pfun at Water World.

Our Frisco hike.

Our Swan Mountain hike.

Overlooking the beginning of the mighty Colorado River.

Climb Every Mountain

We had lunch on Swan Mountain overlooking the Dillon Reservoir. Katie was moved to sing.

Trip to Colorado

Here are some pictures of the trip to Colorado. Video will follow as YouTube allows.

Mary with the hat Gabriella Romani knitted.

And Katie with the backpack.

Katie and Alina.

Best friends.

After a nice dinner.

Monday, July 09, 2007

We Went Bowling

I got a new camera and my first time out with it was action shots bowling. I still haven't figured out how to change the shutter speed. Anyway, here are some shots of everyone.

Guess which bowler caused the foul alarm to go off.
That's right. Mary Kay got 3 strikes!!!

The final score? Just over 300. :)