Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Katie Learns to Waterski

Katie decided she wanted to learn to waterski. We were excited for her to be so brave. She took lessons, and now does it with Enzo driving the boat.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Goodbye Party

Had a very nice going away party. Here are a few pics. Lora threw it for me and I'm not sure how but I didn't get a picture of the hostess!

The gentleman on the right is Thomas, Kristi's husband and the woman on the left is Kelli.

These tasty treats I made from my cooking class.

There was lots of tasty food there. :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cedar Point Videos

First the girls sang the ABC's. This was after being there for a few hours, so the were pretty comfortable at this point. Unfortunately Mary and I were at the bathroom when Katie did her first number of Twinkle Twinkle.

Then they learned the Mararena.

Finally, and if you are not hip, like I was not and then got schooled, they learned to do the Hannah Montana Hoedown Throwdown. You can learn, too! This song was played at every performance. It's what the kids like so Aunt Rhoda knows about it. A bit too complicated, though, for her too learn, she can't even do the Electric Slide or the Hustle. Can barely do the Hokey Pokey!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cedar Point

Cedar Point Rocked.

First we went to Castaway Bay and partied at the indoor water park. You know how sometimes in MI in Feb and March you think, "This place sucks." Well, this would be a good little getaway.

She played in the bubblers A LOT.
We took a break from swimming for dinner and we bumped into Linus! Yes, his hair really was that weird.

Then we went to Cedar Point and spent most of the day at Camp Snoopy Theater. In between the shows we'd ride a ride and then head back for the singing and dancing. I tried to get some photos of their faces while we were riding on the rides.

She really wanted me to take her picture here. She said, "Aunt Rhoda! Aunt Rhoda! Get your camera. Get your camera. Take my picture like this."

Oh, the fun to be had at Camp Snoopy Theater. We sang and danced and were carefree.

Yes, her hair really was that weird.

Mary LOVED Lucy. If other children came and took up time, Mary put her hand on Lucy to remind probably both Lucy and the other children that Lucy was hers.
What did Lucy do??

Videos to follow.

Doing the hokey pokey

First ride

Made it

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

At the park

We made it! They started asking if we were there before we got to the airport.:) katie is taking a picture of the bed.

Monday, June 22, 2009

New pool

We got a new pool for the back yard. It's pretty fun, but I did not realize from the picture that water would need to be running continuously for the pool to work. The sides are filled with water, not air. So that's a bummer. It was fun, though.

Then we went to the park. Alina gets shy when I take pictures. Ania was kicking up her feet.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day 2009

Happy Father's Day. Katie started me off with breakfast in bed at 6:30 (Cheerios; she made them herself). Then she kicked me out of the house for an hour or so so she could get ready for phase two.
She set the table by herself (Mary Kay was still sleeping). You can't really appreciate how heavy the flowers and vase are from the picture.

We had breakfast bars that Vittoria made for Deep Creek Lake.
Then Katie gave me my presents including the crown.

And this quiz. We filled in the blanks together. Let me know if you need a translation.


Happy Fathers Day!

It's been a while

This picture cracks me up. She loves those glasses. Yesterday Ryan (Alina's BFF)'s mom told me that when she dropped Ryan off at day care on Friday, Alina was eating breakfast with her blue sunglasses on.

Ania eating (sweet potatoes maybe?)
Speaking of Ryan, Alina and Ryan got in another fight this week. Here is Alina smiling and showing off her war wound on her face (below her left eye).

"No, Alina - THIS is smile..."

Babcia came to visit last weekend. We apparently didn't take many pictures.

Eating pierogis. Yummy!

You are SO funny, Mommy! :)
Ania never misses an opportunity to put her feet up. It's so funny. So today on the way to TinyTown, the sun was behind us at one point. Ania took the opportunity to kick up her feet.

Happy Father's Day, Tata!

The TinyTown train... very fun.

One of the tiny houses.
Swinging at the TinyTown park

Hmmm... I wonder what this tastes like while I'm swinging. Better find out.
Yep, delicious.