Sunday, August 29, 2010

Conversations with Vittoria

I want to smell it. I want to smell everything.

Conversations with Mary

Me - Wow. That's a big fly.
Mary - What's his name?

Conversations With Mary

Mary - I want a peanut butter and Matilda sandwich.
(she meant Nutella).

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Alina's first day of preschool! and Molli's race

Alina started preschool yesterday!! Here she is before we left. I wish I would have made her put down the bread before the pictures... but whatever. She was very brave (at this time) and excited about her new backpack!

Ania wanted to take a picture with her.

Walking up to the school with Tata.
Wow this hurt my knees (see below)
With Little Ryan

I had never seen one of these fun standing teeter-totter things.
She survived!! She had a hard time with me leaving (she was by far the saddest for her mommy to leave, I'll take it as a compliment :) ) When I picked her up yesterday afternoon, I asked if she had fun at preschool. She said yes, so I asked what she did. She said "I colored, and I cried." Then I asked if she wants to go back, and she said "No. Ania can go." Guess I shouldn't have asked!

Here are some pictures from the Colorado Relay I ran in last weekend. It was a lot of fun! At the first stop I saw this, and that kind of scared me a little. I guess better safe than sorry!
Here is the van I lived in for the almost 29 hour race
This was the start line for our van

And here are my knees after my first leg. That sucked. I figured out I ran about 10 miles total with my knees like this. Needless to say, I have not run since then... hopefully soon but so far no thank you.
There was a team who ran the whole thing (174 miles) barefoot!! They are crazy. Here is one of their runners.
Our team running for the finish line. All members of the team have to cross the finish line together, so that's kind of fun. My feet were blistered and my knees were raw, but we finished! :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Spring and Summer Pics....

BRAVE with the bear next door....

Going to throw rocks in the river....

Woodworking in Breck

Dinner at Texas Brazilian Grill. YUM!!!

Lunch at Chuck E Cheeses.... Mary likes her hair this way.....

Climbed to the top of Baldy.

Made it to the top of the world.

Cousins sleeping together.


Old friend, Duckie....
New friend, Kuba....
Hard to beat a good marshmallow!
My cousin, Miriam, and Bob in our back yard.

Hang on tight, Molli....
Ride at Heritage Square
Watching a video..

Katie and Kuba.... good friends.
A BRAVE Mary with Greta
Airport on way home...
A yummy ice cream cone.....
Molli, after her team race from Georgetown to Carbondale. WOW!! Good job Molli!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jessie's birthday party

We were lucky enough to have Jessie's birthday happen while Katie and Mary were visiting! We celebrated with ice cream sandwiches. Apparently that is the only time I took pictures with my camera during their visit.

Mary with the birthday girl.

Jumping on her bed

Monday, August 02, 2010

Conversations with Mary

While at dinner at Mother's Pizza:
Mary Kay - I thought she said "Did you need anything?"
Katie - I thought she said "Did you eat anything?" (because there was a lot of food left on the table)
Mary - I thought she said "Do you want me to get you anything?"